Doctors Have Come To The Conclusion That Barefoot Babies Could Be Smarter

We want to make sure that we protect our babies and we do everything that we can to ensure that they are healthy and happy. We are cautious about having them out in public areas when they are too young and might be susceptible to colds and when the weather is cold outside, we make sure that we bundle them up tightly. When it comes to clothing, one thing that we always keep in mind is the type of footwear that we choose.

Parents have always been interested in covering their baby’s feet. Of course, there is nothing quite as cute as the little toes on our babies but when it comes to keeping them warm in the winter time, we might have a variety of socks and booties available. There is an indication, however, that keeping your children’s feet free and clear may actually have some benefits for them.

According to Dr. Kacie Flegal, a vitalistic chiropractor and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, there are important sensory systems within the feet. These 2 systems, which include the vestibular and proprioceptive systems are often overlooked by parents but they are very important. When your children is permitted to walk barefoot, they are able to develop those systems and may have a benefit for their brain function.

In order for those systems to develop and to offer everything that they have to offer, we need them to experience sensory input. If our children are always wearing shoes, then their feet are not being stimulated. When babies are allowed to walk around barefoot, it can increase the neuromuscular strength, boost the development of the brain centers and improve balance.

“It is obvious that when our little ones are playing in cold or harsher environments, we want to protect them and keep them safe, but with guidance and a soft patch of grass, dirt, or wet leaves available, encourage babies to discover how great it feels to tromp around with naked feet!” says Dr. Flegal. “As a result, you will permit them a great platform for the development of higher brain centers responsible for emotional control, problem-solving, language, social skills, and self-assurance,” she continues.

Much of the information that is covered by the chiropractor has to do with young children but it is also important for adults. If you find that you have a difficulty with coordination and balance, walking barefoot on occasion may help.

That’s all there is to it. Although you would never send your baby out in the middle of winter without shoes, there may be opportunities for them to go barefoot from time to time. When it is comfortable and safe for them to do so, you may actually be doing them a favor by letting their feet go uncovered.