Jack Sparrow’s 8 Health Benefits Of Rum

One of the most beloved movies for many of us is the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Capt. Jack Sparrow seems to be absolutely perfect and he is not only a fantastic actor, but he also gives some rather good advice. He is known for many things in the movie, including drinking rum on a regular basis. It seems to go in quite well with the Caribbean theme and it is one of the oldest spirits that is in existence.

Rum is produced from cane sugar juice and is a byproduct of molasses. It is given extra depth and additional flavor by being aged in oak barrels for an extended amount of time. The exact recipe and how long it is allowed to age may differ from one manufacturer to another but one thing we know, it is absolutely delicious. It can be used for making anything from Rum cake to rum punch and there is nothing quite like it.

What might also surprise you is the fact that rum has medicinal properties that have been known for many years. For soldiers at war during World War I, it was used to keep them healthy and they were given about a tablespoon before hitting the front line. It helped to keep them warm while they were standing in muddy trenches, although it is frowned upon in today’s Army.

It seems as if the Canadian soldiers were also in on this little secret as well. An infantryman wrote the following in his book: “When the days shorten, and the rain never ceases; when the sky is ever grey, the night’s chill, and trenches thigh deep in mud and water; when the front is altogether a beastly place, in fact, we have one consolation. It comes in gallon jars, marked simply SRD”

About 40% of rum arrives into gallon stone jars that are marked services room diluted (SRD). This meant something different to soldiers, as they applied the description, seldom reaches the destination. The British Army also gave rations of rum to sailors to help reduce the risk of scurvy, especially when they were in the area of India.

Now that you know little about the history of rum, let’s take a look and see what this beverage can do for you. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Macro friendly

3.5 ounces of rum has approximately 230 cal. It does not contain carbohydrates or fats, so pass the bottle.

2. Strong bones.

When you drink rum, it can increase the density of your bones. In other words, it helps to decrease the possibility of osteoporosis and helps if you suffer from arthritis.

3. Good heart health

Vodka and rum are very similar in the fact that they thin the blood and prevent peripheral artery diseases. It can provide good cholesterol and artery blockages. This goes along in helping you to avoid heart attacks and strokes.

Alcoholism, on the other hand, is a serious issue so if you are drinking rum for medicinal reasons, be sure to do it in moderation.

4. Reduce muscle pain

When you have stronger bones, you have stronger muscles. Drinking rum can help to fight minor muscle pain.

5. Prevents the common cold

Alcohol has antimicrobial properties so rum can be used to combat the common cold. Slip a little in your tea to make a hot toddy.

6. Helps you sleep

A little rum can help you to sleep better but if you drink too much, it could have the opposite effect.

7. Longevity

If you consume a moderate amount of rum it can benefit you and lead to a longer life. It may be possible to extend your life by up to five years.

8. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

There may be a connection between the consumption of rum and a reduction of dementia. One study found that rum could lower the incidence of dementia over time.