For Folks With Limited Space, This Half Christmas Tree Is Just What You Need

If you’re tired of deciding between a full-size Christmas tree and having a living room and don’t want to settle for a tiny tree, well, there’s good news! 

Now you can enjoy the pleasures of a full-sized try without sacrificing space with the half-Christmas tree solution.

It’s a tall Christmas tree that’s sliced right down the middle, so it gives you the same look of a full-sized tree with a reduced footprint. Just push it against a wall, and it looks like you have a Christmas tree growing through your building!

There are even a few options you can choose from, such as trees with decorative bases, pre-lit trees, or just plain trees.

Most trees are between 6 and 7-feet tall and are a breeze to decorate.

Some folks have even hung their trees upside down for a unique holiday look.

Check out this video featuring half-trees and see for yourself!

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