Mom Takes A Simple Baby Wipe Container And Changes It Into A Lifesaving Door

Most people would readily agree that mothers are some of the best people on the face of the earth. Not only do they have to take care of their family and do so while also holding down a job, but they also need to be creative in the way that they do it. Often, the budget gets in the way of doing everything that they would like to do but with a few changes here and there, it can be easy to stay on target.

There is no doubt that babies are expensive and as the children get older, the expenses are going to increase. From the very start, you will find yourself purchasing everything from diapers and baby wipes to clothing and that isn’t even to mention some of the little things that need to be purchased on almost a weekly basis. It just seems as if babies always have a need for something, and it is our job to provide it.

One of the things that all parents need to do at some time or another is to childproof the home. It helps to keep the baby safe and one of the most important ways to do so is to protect the wall outlets. Those outlets seem to be attractive to toddlers but if you protect them properly, there is no way your child can get harmed by them.

Most parents will purchase outlet covers and although that isn’t a bad idea, it can add to the expenses that you already have. Additionally, not all of those covers work as they should and toddlers find a way to get around them if you aren’t careful.

This brings us back to one of the first expenses that we discussed, diapers and baby wipes. Most of us have thrown out our fair share of baby wipe containers but there is something that you can do to recycle them or perhaps even upcycle them.

This is a DIY project that can really make a difference in your life and even in your budget. It was shared by Brittany Kurtz, a mother that has a creative streak that all of us can appreciate. She found a way to use those baby wipe containers to protect the babies from wall outlets.

Kurtz posted it on Facebook: “Remove the adhesive top from the baby wipes package, then place over outlets. I certainly still will keep my baby safe outlet covers in, but this is just another precaution for on top. Out of site, out of mind.”

You can see how she did it in this video:

Mothers around the world are now using this ingenious method of protecting their babies. Not everybody thinks that it is a great idea and some mothers even say that it is possible for toddlers to open them and access the plug directly. In the end, it is up to each mother to decide what they will do but this is an idea you should keep in the back of your mind.