TikTok Video Shows How to Get Nasty Stains out of Tupperware

Plastic containers with snapping tight-fitting lids are indispensable in the kitchen. Not only are they great for storing leftovers, but they also keep them fresher for much longer. What did we ever do without them? Back in the day, Tupperware changed America’s kitchens, and today, you can buy much more affordable brands at stores like Walmart and Target that do just as good a job. However, one thing all plastic or rubber containers have in common is that when they get stains, it’s hard to get them out. My wife never likes for these containers to be hand-washed. She says only the dishwasher really gets them clean.

The fact is, certain kinds of food leave these containers stained. For example, anything with a thick tomato sauce like spaghetti is going to stain your Tupperware. How to get them clean when the dishwasher doesn’t even make the stains go away? Well, someone on TikTok has posted a video that is nearly as revolutionary as Tupperware itself. The TikTok user is Adi Kempler and she shared a cleaning hack for these plastic storage containers that is nothing short of genius. Adi says that all you need is dish soap (we use Dawn here), warm water, and some torn-up pieces of paper towel.


Then, she says you should toss all of that into the Tupperware container and seal the lid. Once it’s nice and tight, shake it hard for anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute. That’s it, it’s nice and clean! Adi didn’t invent the trick, she confesses. Her stepmother has been doing it for years and she shared her secret with the young woman. Adi also confesses that at first, she couldn’t believe it was really that simple, but indeed it is. Since the video has been posted to TikTok, it’s gone viral with more than four million views. Who knew it could be so easy?


If your Tupperware still has stains, try sticking to the dishwasher as my wife does. Also, those little dish wands that you can put some dishwashing liquid in work really great. Seriously, Dawn is the best for getting rid of greasy stains.


Watch the viral video below.


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