Whichever Bird You Relate to Reveals Secrets About Your Personality

Do you enjoy personality tests? Taking popular personality tests has become something that nearly everyone does, especially now that we can take many of them online. I never took personality tests until I met my wife. However, she is an enthusiast and has gotten me into doing them. We’ve done some complicated ones like Big-5, Myers Briggs, and Enneagram, but we also do some simple ones like that one we feature here. This one is very simple. Simply look at the image below and choose the bird you feel most related to. Whichever one appeals to you is the one you should go with, even if you don’t know what the bird is.


1. Stork

You are a person who is honest and practical. You often take leadership roles even though you don’t always enjoy them. You mostly value life in your family and you’re a monogamous person.

Physically, you’re lean and have harmony. You will be successful.

2. Wagtail

Wagtails have lots of energy and it’s not easy to align yourself with others. Whoever you choose has to love adventure and enjoy the activity.

You’re an entrepreneur by nature and love the idea of entrepreneurism. You are a good salesman and can sell anything you set your mind to. You’re a joyous and optimistic individual.

3. Swallow

Swallows are secretive and carry their problems inside themselves. You probably don’t enjoy sharing your innermost thoughts, even with family members. This can cause you to experience depression.

You tend to prophesy often and sometimes even have dreams that reveal the future. To best improve your life, partner up with an owl.

4. Sparrow

If you’re a sparrow, you probably have high self-esteem and a lot of ambition. You’re agile both physically and as a thinker. Sparrows tend to be good at stealing, both physical items and mentally.

When a sparrow is faced with aggression, they will go flying right into the trouble and not rely on others for help.

5. Benti-Vi

These individuals know their worth and value, without question. However, they don’t climb if they’re not invited to the party. They work hard and are good organizers, and they do their work quickly and flawlessly.

Benti-Vis have charm and charisma and they don’t seek power. Also, they are naturally humble people.

6. Owl

Owls don’t stand out in a crowd because they’re not the most sociable people. They don’t enjoy meetings or noisy company, and they like to remain in the shadows.

However, owls are very perceptive and can often see what others don’t see. Their predictions sometimes come true, more frequently than not.

7. Jackdaw

A jackdaw has the incredible intellectual ability and is sometimes called a geek. These birds are charming and have amazing eloquence about themselves. Because of this, they can convince people of nearly anything.

Jackdaws make great journalists, sales reps, and managers.

8. Crow

Crows aren’t usually very popular because they’re very independent and not super friendly. They live a personal life their way and don’t try to change people, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes they’re greedy, but they’re also very generous.

Crows sometimes have psychic gifts and can see the future. Their goals are lofty and they try to achieve them.

9. Eagle

Eagles are beautiful in appearance and have a proud profile. They are great communicators and they’re demanding of themselves and others. They don’t talk in vain and they aren’t gossipy types. In other words, they know how to keep a secret.

Often, eagles are professors and they sometimes go into medicine, police work, or rescue work. They’re also great actors and writers.