10 Clear Signs You Aren’t Lazy, You Are A Genius!

If you’re anything like most people, you have probably been called a lot of different things in your life. Some of them may be deserved I’ll admit but others just seem to happen because people tend to prejudge us before they really know what is behind the scenes. It may also stem from some of our common pastimes. Do you tend to pass the time talking to yourself, staring at the ceiling or spending hours in bed? Perhaps you binge watch your favorite television show and you just continue to watch it over and over again.

In some cases, you may just do nothing for an entire day. If you find that you fit into any of these situations, you might look at yourself as being potentially lazy. You might hear this from your parents or perhaps even your friends and if the Internet finds out, it is no holds barred. What might come as a surprise to you, however, is the fact that your lazy behavior might not be a sign of laziness but rather, might be a sign of intelligence! If you want to be even a little smarter, check out these other signs of intelligence.

1. Talking to yourself – according to experts, talking to yourself helps you concentrate and get your thoughts in order.

2. Few friends – If it seems like people just don’t want to interact with you, it might mean that you want to be alone to focus on your own goals.

3. Stagnant – People may think that you are doing nothing but in reality, you are not working because you are an absolute genius. You just have too much going on in your mind.

4. Working slowly – It may seem awkward to work on one thing at a time but multitasking is not a sign that you are a genius, taking your time is.

5. Messiness – People may consider this to be a sign of laziness but if you are messy, it means that you are simply looking for more unconventional ways to get things done.

6. Doodling – This is a method that people use to find new concepts or to pay closer attention to detail.

7. Nonchalant – If you don’t really seem to be overly excited about your day-to-day existence, it may mean that you are a genuine genius.

8. Delegating – It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it means you’re smart enough to get the job done quickly.

9. Efficient – A genius will look for shortcuts to get things done quickly.

10. Naps – When you use your brain like a genius, it gets tired and sometimes needs a power nap.

Not everybody who does nothing is lazy and they may not need to be busy at all times. They just need to be who they are and sometimes, that person is a genius.