A Nap Desk That Lets You Catch Some Z’s At Work

At one time, a desk was really nothing more than a desk. It was somewhere that we would go, sit down and try to get some work done. We live in a world that has really changed, however, and that includes the furniture that we use. It seems as if having a single function for a piece of furniture is no longer going to work and now we need to have multiple functions that allow us to use the furniture in so many different ways. Sometimes, it can be inspirational when we find alternate ways to use a piece of furniture that was so commonplace at one time.

A great design company, Studio NL has taken this option of using a piece of furniture in more ways than one and really turned it on its head. The company has just designed something that is going to revolutionize the way that many of us work. It is known as the ‘nap desk’, and it is exactly what you would think it is. When you work behind this desk, you can get a lot of work done because it gives you a large space and plenty of working options. When you get a little bit tired, however, you can simply convert the desk into a nap station and get the sleep that you so richly deserved.

In addition to having your own napping station at your workstation, you may be able to share it with other people at the office. Imagine typing away on your computer or handling a conference call while your workmate is catching up on some sleep underneath your feet. You don’t have to disturb them, you just continue to work and allow them to refresh themselves so that you take your turn. It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants to work nonstop or for those who just want to stay fresh during the day.

Source: Bored Panda