Is Your Posture Revealing Your Deepest Secret?

All of us know that we are unique individuals and being unique is what makes the world go round. At the same time, however, there are going to be times when that uniqueness does not work to our advantage.

For example, you may not realize it but the way you are standing is going to say a lot about you, and sometimes it is going to say some things you would rather not have known. It all has to do with your posture and there are many ways to stand, but if you meet one of the following criteria, we can tell you what it means on the backend.

This is a type of personality test and we realize that most of them are just for fun. Your posture, however, really does have a lot to say about you because you may be protecting yourself in some way or another or perhaps opening yourself up for possibilities.

Take a look at the following picture and let me know which of the four poses you tend to follow. If you fit into one of those postures, check the information below to see what it says about you.

1. Parallel Position – If you stand with your 2 feet together and straight as an arrow, it tends to make you look taller than you really are. Most people take this position if they think they are going to get some type of direction or perhaps even a command. Maybe your boss is going to talk to you about something or your teacher is going to direct you in some way or another. Taking on this parallel position helps to overcome your doubts so that you can take the direction in a positive way.

2. Legs Apart – When you stand with a straight posture, chest out and legs extended but apart, then it means that you are taking more space than you need. Your hands, as you see in the picture, are hidden out of sight. Does this define you as an individual and how you typically stand? You might be surprised to learn that more men show this position than women. It is one that likely shows that you are assertive and want to appear tough, even if you aren’t. Having your hands in your pockets also attracts attention to the groin area.

3. One Leg Forward – Do you typically support the weight of your body on one leg by having it forward. You might even shift from one leg to another. This helps to protect the inner thigh of the human body, which is sensitive, as you no doubt are well aware. When you position yourself in this way, you have a lot of self-confidence and you trust who you are on the inside. You can also look at the direction of the feet. If somebody is standing in that way and pointing their feet to you, they are willing to discuss the situation. If their feet are pointing somewhere else, then they are likely looking for the exit.

4. Crossed Legs – This is an uneven distribution of the body weight and it tends to be done by somebody who is not going to allow other people into their inner sanctuary. When a woman is crosslegged, it typically means that approach to her is blocked. For a man, it is more of a comfort and it shows that they don’t want to be put into any situation where they can’t work their way out of it. In either case, it tends to be defensive and you want other people to stay away.