What Secret Does Your Standing Posture Reveal About You?

I’ve always been fascinated by the science of body language. Even as a kid, I first heard about being able to get clues about people by the way they stand, sit, or move their hands. This intrigued me because I was hoping I could read my parents a little better, and of course, my friends. The first language of humans was body language. Our ancient prehistoric ancestors communicated non-verbally, scientists say, and they used a lot of body language. What can you learn about the people you know today by studying body language? Moreover, what can you learn about yourself?

The way you stand reveals a lot about yourself. Look at the image below and choose your most common standing position. Then, scroll down to see what that reveals about you.

Position 1: Parallel

If you stand like this, you like to make yourself look tall and upright. This is usually taken by individuals who are accustomed to being in charge and who are comfortable with that role. It can also be a neutral position, which is important if you’re a manager. However, this can also signify that you have doubts about what the next steps are.

Position 2: Legs Apart

People who stand with their legs apart like this are trying to take up more space. Perhaps they need a confidence boost or just need to feel that they’re trying harder. When women are in this position, it usually means they would like to be more in control because it draws attention to the groin.

Position 3: One Leg Forward

Individuals who stand with one leg forward are positioning themselves this way because they feel relaxed and satisfied. These people are also usually very self-confident. Be sure to pay attention to the way someone’s feet point. If they’re pointing towards you, they’re interested in you.

Position 4: Crossed Legs

If you stand with your legs crossed, you may not be going anywhere, or at least that’s what you’d like to imply. It can also be seen as a defensive posture if you want to keep people at a distance.