There’s a Cat Backpack That Looks Like an Actual Real Cat

Have you ever heard of a cat backpack? If so, you may be envisioning one of those backpacks that has air holes in it and are clear. Your cat gets a free ride while you’re out enjoying your day, and they can see out and enjoy the view. We have one of those and our cats don’t like it, but we bought one for our daughter and her cat seems to love it. Who knew, right? Well, a man has built a backpack that actually looks like a real cat. In fact, it’s so lifelike that you’d think it was a cat if you didn’t know better.

Just in case you don’t want to actually strap your cat to your back and go walking around, there’s this alternative and this guy looks so creepily real that it’s almost scary. Twitter user picopoco08 invented the backpack and sold a few of them online. Although at the moment, they’re not accepting new orders for this unique backpack, they say they will create a post on Instagram and Twitter when they start selling them again. The back of this cat backpack has a large zippered opening that allows you to store lots of your stuff inside of it.


Since the zipper is on the cat’s back, no one will know it’s an actual bag and not a real live cat. You have to imagine that as realistic as this thing is, tons of people surely stop all day long to ask to pet the kitty. Seriously, it’s uncanny how real it looks. How in the world did they do this? The backpack has three harness loops where you attach the straps to the backpack. When you’re not wearing it on your back, you can release the straps and place your fake cat anywhere you want. It could be a lot of fun to creep people out with.


Even better, the cat’s arms and legs are posable. I think I want one. How about you?