These Spiked Vests Can Protect Your Dog From Dangerous Predators Like Hawks and Coyotes

About four years ago, Paul Mott was taking his poodle, Buffy, for a walk when a coyote suddenly snatched his dog right before his eyes. Paul tried to intervene, but there wasn’t anything he could do. The coyote grabbed Buffy by the neck, and shook the poor pup to death, before taking off running. Paul was unable to catch up to the animal and never saw his beloved fur-baby again.

That loss still haunts Paul, who spent the subsequent years, along with his wife Pamela, inventing a way to ensure that other pet owners don’t suffer the same trauma he and his wife did.

The solution they came up with was to create a series of spiked and studded dog harnesses, collars, and vests — which designs were inspired by the quills of a porcupine — to keep coyotes (or large birds or larger dogs, for that matter) from attacking your pet.

Paul was so devoted to his mission that he even ordered a coyote skull off of eBay to test if the distribution of studs and spikes was enough to deter a coyote from obtaining a good grip potentially. But, in case it does, there’s also an option with an electric zipper intended to shock the hostile animal into dropping your dog.

And fear, not cat owners, there’s also a stylish version designed for your kitty!

Since launching his products in 2015, Coyote Vests have grown to become a hit among small dog owners, who greatly value this extra measure of protection. After donning his new dog vest, a Jack Russell, named Jazzy was able to easily survive an attack by a larger dog in an off-leash dog park.

If you’re concerned about protecting your small dog from bigger dogs, coyotes, and birds of prey, this ingenious product is a fantastic way to keep your pet safe. On a lighter note, this punk rock style is a fun way to make your little pup look like the tough guy he already thinks he is!

Source: The Animal Rescue Site